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Birth Photography

Hello, my name is Kc. I specialize in birth photography. I love the storytelling that is captured through labor and delivery photos! My passion is to capture birth stories for families so that they will always have the precious memories of their raw, empowering, and emotional birth for years to come. I attend home births, birth centers, and hospital births.

I service Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Gallup, Grants and surrounding areas in New Mexico, USA.

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Why Birth Photography

Many women say, “I would never get pictures of myself giving birth.” We live in a society that tells women that birth is dirty, hard, and painful. Guess what Mama……they are WRONG! Let me change your mind and show you how beautiful birth really is. During birth a woman is transforming in many ways. She is learning what her body is capable of. She is learning how strong she is. Everyone around her is in awe of how courageous and beautiful she is during her journey of labor and delivery. Mama is focused on breathing, contractions, rest, and delivering her new baby Earth-side safely. Birth is a raw, transformative, beautiful, emotional, and empowering experience. Weather you have a hospital birth, home birth, or deliver at a birthing center, your birth story deserves to be documented and told!

Often I hear moms says, “I don’t remember the details of my birth.” Or “I remember my birth, but I do not remember the sequence of events or the emotions I felt. Everything was fogged and blurred from the adrenaline and exhaustion.” If this is you, you are not alone. Labor and delivery is hard, hard work. However, I can do the remembering for you! I will document your story through active labor until the golden hours (1-2 hours after birth) after your baby is born. Your story will be told showing the raw, transformative, beautiful, emotional, and empowering birth journey. With my knowledge of the birth process, I will be there to capture all the important moments so you will never forget the beautiful day that you gave birth. Details and ideas eventually fade, but a picture will keep your memories fresh many, many years! I love the quote, “Sometimes you will never know the value of an experience until it becomes a memory.” Allow me document your story through photography so you have the memories of your birth, forever!

“A photograph is the pause button of life.”

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